CP-Link 3
CP-Link 3 | Multi Desktop
Multi Desktop

CP-Link 3 | Multi Desktop

Several Panel PCs are connected with a PC via Ethernet and display the image of the host PC. All connected client Panel PCs show the same image.

Communication takes place using TCP/IP (up to 10 Panel PCs) or via UDP Multicast (up to 255 Panel PCs). The benefit of Multicast lies in the fact that messages can be transferred to several Panel PCs simultaneously without the transmitter bandwidth multiplying by the number of receivers.


Ordering information CP-Link 3 | Multi Desktop
CP-Link 3 | Multi Desktop Ethernet and IP protocol-based desktop transfer software CP-Link 3
transfers the desktop of a PC via Ethernet to Panel PCs
transmission of mouse and keyboard inputs of client users to the host PC
connection by Ethernet or Internet, TCP/IP or UDP/IP (Multicast)
1 virtual graphic adapter
Virtual USB
USB devices connected at a client are found by the host PC like a local USB device.
Up to 255 clients are controllable in UDP/IP mode, up to 10 clients in TCP/IP mode.
All clients show the same picture, the screen of the host PC.
The input devices can be locked at any client by TwinCAT-PLC or via application programming interface (API)
host software for PCs with Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard
client software for Beckhoff Panel PCs with Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard