PCIe module
FC3161 PROFIBUS PCIe modules

FC3161 | PROFIBUS PCIe modules

Beckhoff PCIe modules are highly integrated PCI Express plug-in cards and follow the trend towards ever smaller PCs. The function of PC plug-in cards is integrated in a compact format that is suitable for harsh industrial environments.

The new PCIe modules for Beckhoff Industrial PCs allow the use of a PROFIBUS master without NOVRAM (FC3161-0000) or with 512 KB NOVRAM for easy data backup (FC3161-0002).

In TwinCAT, PROFIBUS and NOVRAM are available. Other applications also benefit from the diverse features: general PROFIBUS drivers for different Windows versions and convenient configuration tools are included in the TwinCAT I/O software package. High-level language programs use the DLL, Visual Basic applications the ActiveX interface. Applications with OPC interface can access process data and parameters via an OPC server.

Technical data FC3161-0000 FC3161-0002
Fieldbus PROFIBUS DP (standard), PROFIBUS DP-V1
Number of fieldbus channels 1
Data transfer rates 9.6 kbaud…12 Mbaud
Interface to the PC PCIe (PCI Express) interface
Bus interface 1 x D-sub socket, 9-pin, galvanically decoupled
Communication master and slave functionality
Bus device max. 125 slaves with up to 244 bytes input, output, parameter, configuration or diagnostic data per slave
Hardware diagnosis 2 LEDs per channel
Driver TwinCAT 2.11 R3 and higher