C1220 Lightbus ISA interface card

C1220 | Lightbus ISA interface card

Up to 255 distributed Lightbus input and output modules can be connected to a standard PC with the C1220 interface card. Fibre optics carry data at 2.5 Mbaud between the PC and the industrial peripherals, rapidly and without interference.

The interface card has its own microprocessor (80C166) and a 4 kbyte dual port memory to the PC bus, in which the process image of the connected Lightbus modules is represented in real-time. Up to eight priority- controlled logical communication channels permit a simple program interface and relieve the load on the PC’s processor. Drivers and high level language libraries for various operating systems and programming languages are available for programming the communication card.

The C1220 interface card uses the Lightbus system’s interrupt capability: signal sampling at 25 µs intervals and fast interrupts are available over the Lightbus.



Technical data C1220
Fieldbus Lightbus
Data transfer rates 2.5 Mbaud, 32 bit of process data in 25 µs
Data security hamming distance d = 3
Communication processor Siemens 80C166
Interface to the PC 4 kbyte DPRAM for 8 communication channels, data, control and status registers
Communication 8 priority controlled logical communication channels
Interrupt initiation of 2 PC hardware interrupts
Software Beckhoff TwinCAT, DOS drivers, high-level language libraries
Supply voltage 5 V via PC bus
Dimensions 16 bit PC plug-in card, short ISA card, L = 162 mm
Operating temperature 0…+55 °C
Driver only compatible with TwinCAT 2
Ordering information C1220-00x
C1220-000 standard version (as Lightbus master)
C1220-002 slave version (as Lightbus slave)
Product announcement
discontinued (for spare parts please contact the Beckhoff Service)