Lightbus Interface cards Lightbus Moduls Lightbus - The fast fibre optic fieldbus

Simple, low-cost installation

Light up the dark with the Beckhoff Lightbus system by replacing complete cable routes with one single fibre optic conductor. Instead of extensive I/O interfacing units, only one intelligent Beckhoff Lightbus interface board is integrated in the control computer and the decentralised Lightbus modules are directly situated locally. Installation effort and costs are reduced drastically, handling and maintenance are simplified, and interference immunity and performance are increased.

The Lightbus was introduced as far back as 1989 as the Beckhoff system bus for fast machine controllers and has become the market leader in some sectors. These include, for instance, production machines for windows, wood processing machines, presses, packaging machines, machine tools, and applications in metrology and technical building services. more


Interface cards

Interface cards: An intelligent Lightbus interface board is integrated in the control computer.


Modules: The decentralised Lightbus modules (e.g. interface or input/output modules) are directly situated locally.