M3000, M3200
M3000, M3200 Absolute encoder, Incremental encoder

M3000, M3200 | Absolute encoder, Incremental encoder

The M3000 absolute encoder allows displacements to be acquired with immunity to power failure and with a measurement range corresponding to a word length with a 24 bit measurement range. The compact opto-electronic multi-turn absolute encoder (manufactured by T+R/Beckhoff) achieves a 24 bit resolution with 4,096 steps per revolution and 4,096 revolutions. The incremental transducer has a resolution of up to 36,000 pulses per revolution. Up to 255 transducers can be interrogated over one Lightbus ring.



Technical data M3000 M3200
Fieldbus Lightbus
Data transfer rates 2.5 Mbaud, 25 µs for actual value interrogation
Resolution 24 bit
Steps/revolution 4,096
Revolutions 4,096
Data format 24 bit binary number
Number of pulses 100…9,000 (x 1, 2, 4)
Encoder connection A, B, common
Counter 24 bits, binary
Base frequency 1 MHz
Zero-pulse latch 24 bits
Supply voltage 24 V DC (±10 %)
Current consumption 0.25 A
Diameter 65 mm
Length (without shaft) 110 mm
Ordering information M3x00-0xx
M3000-000 absolute encoder, 24 bit
M3200-004 incremental encoder, 4,000 step version
M3200-036 incremental encoder, 36,000 step version
Product announcement
discontinued (for spare parts please contact the Beckhoff Service)