Microsoft and Beckhoff show Green IT solution
Microsoft Technology Center: Sustainable IT Kiosk
Microsoft and Beckhoff show Green IT solution

As the importance of sustainability grows, Microsoft and Beckhoff present a demo to control and measure power consumption, temperature, etc. The demo is shown in the Microsoft Technology Center in Munich and will also be presented at the Microsoft booth at CeBIT 2010 in Hanover.

The kiosk allows to plug in any electrical device via a power socket. The headless CX9010 Embedded PC from Beckhoff with Microsoft Windows Embedded CE6.0R3 operating system and an EL3681 EtherCAT I/O Terminal measure the current supply of this device. A Beckhoff Ethernet Panel running Windows Embedded Standard 7 with a WPF application is connected via OPC-UA to the CX9010. In the shown construction the WPF GUI displays the consumption of a Windows 7 PC – the GUI also allows to step down the Windows 7 CPU speed via TCP/IP command. Stepping down the CPU results in a lower power consumption.


Microsoft – IT solutions to deliver significant savings
- reduce IT energy consumption and carbon emissions
- manage energy efficiency and your environmental footprint
- rethink business practices to positively impact the environment


Beckhoff – High-end measurement technology for Green IT solutions
- CX9010 Embedded PC: automation Platform with direct I/O interface
- EL3681 EtherCAT Terminal: digital multimeter with fieldbus interface for measuring current
  and voltage
- based on standards: Windows Embedded CE, PLC logic IEC 61131-3, Connectivity OPC-UA

Microsoft und Beckhoff zeigen Green-IT-Lösung

Der nachhaltige IT-Kiosk beinhaltet die folgenden Beckhoff-Komponenten:

CP6201-0010 | „Economy”-Einbau-Panel-PC
- CPU: Intel® Core™ Duo, 2,0 GHz
- GUI: ExpressionBlend-WPF-Anwendung mit Visual Studio®
- Konnektivität: WSD Client, OPC UA Client

CX9010 | Embedded-PC
- CPU: ARM-basierte stromsparende CPU, 533 MHz
- Logik: SPS zur Messung/Steuerung der HLK, 1 ms Zykluszeit
- Konnektivität: WSD Server/OPC UA Server

EL3681/KL3681 | Digital-Multimeterklemme
- Digitalmultimeter mit Feldbusschnittstelle für die Messung von Strömen und Spannungen
- Gemessene Werte können direkt im I/O-System oder im Führungsregler verarbeitet werden.

Microsoft und Beckhoff zeigen Green-IT-Lösung