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04th April 2011
Production facilities expand at Beckhoff Verl, Germany
Balance 2010: Beckhoff Automation increases turnover by 46 % to 346 million Euros

In the previous financial year 2010, Beckhoff Automation achieved the largest growth in the history of the company since 1987: the global turnover of 346 million Euros represents impressive growth of 46 % compared to the previous year and 24 % compared to 2008.

Beckhoff Automation can look back on an extraordinarily successful financial year. “We have registered pleasingly high growth across all geographical areas and branches of industry. Our existing customers have regained their previous strength and have been joined by new customers and new fields of business,” says Managing Director Hans Beckhoff. “One of the main growth areas is the Asian market, but we also grew by 45 % even in North America and Germany last year.” The current growth drivers include alternative energies, which already constitute 20 % of total Beckhoff turnover. The company is also optimistic about the current financial year and is expecting an increase in turnover of more than 30 %.

“Our PC Control technology is used in a wide range of industries. PC Control stands for high-performance PLC, motion, control technology and communication software. Beyond that, the convergence of automation and information technology is highly beneficial for many users. The outstanding performance of the CPUs in our PCs makes ultra-fast control technology possible on the basis of eXtreme Fast Control technology (XFC). In addition, Scientific Automation represents the successful integration of engineering science into automation. These beneficial system characteristics are understood and accepted by engineers all over the world. Our international business development is therefore considered to be particularly important and will continue to be driven forward intensively. Beckhoff currently has an export share of 50 %. We expect this level to increase to between 60 and 70 % of total turnover in the coming years,” explains Hans Beckhoff.

In 2010 Beckhoff established further subsidiaries in Israel, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. The company is presently represented in 62 countries worldwide by 28 subsidiaries and by distributors.

The rapid development of the company in the past year also led to a 26 % increase in the number of employees to 1,700 worldwide at the end of 2010. Due to the continuing growth, a further 250 employees were hired by the end of March 2011 alone, so that the current number of employees now stands at 1,950 globally.

Expansion of the office and production capacities at the company’s headquarters in Verl, Germany

The strong growth has made an extension of Beckhoff production capacities necessary, with new factory buildings and manufacturing machines. The office and production areas at the Verl, Germany headquarters location were expanded by 6,000 sq. metres in 2010. With a total of five new high-speed placement lines, it was possible for Beckhoff to triple production capacities for electronic printed circuit boards and motherboards. The continuous development of the company’s facilities will resume at the end of 2011 with the occupation of an additional 11,000 sq. metre office building and the construction of further new production facilities.

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  • <p>Hans Beckhoff, Managing Director and owner of Beckhoff Automation GmbH</p>

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    Hans Beckhoff, Managing Director and owner of Beckhoff Automation GmbH

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