AX5000 accessories
AX5801 TwinSAFE drive option card

AX5801 | TwinSAFE drive option card

Drive-integrated safety functions:

Suitable for AX5000 Servo Drives from 1.5 A to 40 A:

Technical data AX5801-0200
Operating voltage of the relays 24 V DC (-15 %/+20 %)
Operating voltage of the feedback contacts 24 V DC (-15 %/+20 %)
Max. switching current of the feedback contacts 0.35 A
Cross-section of the connections (use of ferrules is recommended) 0.2…1.5 mm²
Stripping length of the wires 10 mm
Current consumption (total for both relays) 50 mA
Fault response time
Weight approx. 85 g
Ambient temperature (operation) see documentation
Storage temperature -25…+70 °C
Permissible humidity 5…95 %, non-condensing
Further environmental and operating conditions see AX5000
Approvals/markings Overview of TwinSAFE Certifications (PDF)
Realisation STO hard-wired via safe inputs
Safe stop functions Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Operating Stop (SOS), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Stop 2 (SS2)
Safety standard ISO 13849-1:2006 (Cat. 4, PL e) and IEC 61508 (ed.2) (SIL 3)
Ordering information
AX5801-0200 TwinSAFE drive option card for AX5000 up to 40 A, HW 2.0: STO, SS1 (1)
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