C6015 Ultra-compact Industrial PC

C6015 | Ultra-compact Industrial PC

Intel Atom® with up to four cores

aws qualified deviceMicrosoft Azure CertifiedThe demands of automation technology on Industrial PC hardware are varied and nowadays extend beyond classic automation functions such as e.g. powerful CPUs and EtherCAT compatibility. Advanced Industrie 4.0 concepts additionally demand space-saving Industrial PC solutions, which are extremely flexible to install coupled with competitive prices.

With the ultra-compact C6015 IPC, Beckhoff is extending its existing range of entry-level products by the currently most compact Industrial PC. Besides an excellent price-performance ratio, the IPC offers all common industry standard features such as a high temperature range, EtherCAT compatibility and high resistance to vibration and shocks. Equipped with an integrated Intel Atom® CPU with up to four cores, it provides high performance reserves. Only processors from the Embedded line with long-term availability are used in the C6015 series, ensuring a future-proof investment for the user. Both the new module motherboard and the combined die-cast zinc and aluminium housing have been newly developed to ensure the high quality Beckhoff is well-known for, such as industrial compatibility, reliability and products made in Germany.

With universal multi-core support, the C6015 can be used simultaneously for high-performance automation, visualisation and communication applications. Its flexible installation options with virtually free orientation of the PC allow various installation scenarios, even in the tightest of spaces. Despite passive cooling, the C6015 is suitable for a temperature range up to +55 °C. Moreover, with a mounting space of just 82 x 82 x 40 mm, it is more compact than the previous C6905 series IPCs by a factor of three. With 30 GB 3D MLC M.2 SSD storage and Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system, it is fully operational in the basic configuration. Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating systems are optionally available.

TwinCAT 3, the latest version of the Beckhoff automation software that was specially developed for support of multi-core processors, can fully utilise the two-core and four-core processors of the new PC generation in the same way as TwinCAT 2 with its single-core support.

The C6015-0010 Industrial PC represents the most compact IPC entry-level class in the Beckhoff portfolio, and it is considerably less expensive than the currently most affordable Beckhoff x86 PC, enabling price-savings of 25 % or more (depending on the configuration).

C6015 Ultra-compact Industrial PC

C6015 Ultra-compact Industrial PC

Variants Processor available
C6015-0020 Intel Atom®, 2 Cores (TC3: 40*) or
Intel Atom®, 4 Cores (TC3: 50*)
December 2020
C6015-0010 Intel Atom®, 1 Core (TC3: 40*),
Intel Atom®, 2 Cores (TC3: 40*) or
Intel Atom®, 4 Cores (TC3: 50*)

*The TwinCAT 3 performance class defines the exact ordering number for the respective TwinCAT 3 product. Please see here for an overview of the TC3 performance classes.