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Power supplies




Single-phase DIN rail power supply units for small and cost-optimized 24 V applications.



Single and 3-phase DIN rail power supply units in compact design, can be used for the most common applications.

PS2000 with EtherCAT

PS2000 with EtherCAT

Single and 3-phase DIN rail power supply units in compact design, can be used for the most common applications.



Single and 3-phase DIN rail power supply units, can be used flexibly for demanding applications.



Buffer, redundancy and converter modules extend the functional range of the power supplies.

Power supplies for 24 V and 48 V DC

Product manager Christian Jürgenhake presents the device series and areas of application.
Product manager Christian Jürgenhake presents the device series and areas of application.

The comprehensive power supply portfolio offers single-phase and 3-phase DIN rail power supply units with output currents from 2.5 A to 40 A: from the PS1000 series for small, cost-optimized applications and the PS2000 series for the realization of the commonest standard applications to the PS3000 series for demanding 24 and 48 V DC applications. All series convince with universally high efficiencies and low heat losses. This not only has a positive effect on the lifetime and reliability of the power supply units, but also on machine and system availability. The energy costs are also reduced.

The portfolio offers variants for 48 V DC in addition to single-phase and 3-phase devices for 24 V DC. The power spectrum extends from 2.5 A up to 40 A; the short-term supply of up to 1.44 kW is even possible. On the output side, the DIN rail power supply units operate according to the UI characteristic curve. Depending on the variant type, the hiccup mode as well as extra power and the reliable tripping of circuit breakers are components of the power supply unit functionality. This enables the starting of heavy loads and additionally protects the machines and plant parts in case of faults. Worldwide application is possible due to the wide-range input. The power supplies can also be used in special industries, allowing, for example, the semiconductor industry with the SEMI-F47 requirement and shipbuilding with the DNV/GL approval to be served. Use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Class I, Division 2, IECEx and ATEX) is also possible.

Advantages at a glance

High efficiency

The efficiency describes the ratio of input power to output power of a power supply. The difference between input and output power is lost as heat. High efficiencies mean a low heat loss, a long lifetime and high reliability.

The Beckhoff power supplies impress with high efficiencies of up to 96.3%. The low heat loss preserves all the components in the control cabinet and reduces energy costs. The higher the efficiency, the smaller the devices can be made. On this basis, Beckhoff offers a portfolio of power supplies with universally space-saving and compact housings.

High reliability

When using power supplies, high long-term reliability is an important feature. The Beckhoff power supplies meet this requirement by being developed according to a special electronic principle. This relies on a special construction with good, convection-cooling properties. Components are thus exposed to lower thermal stress and achieve a long lifetime. In addition, components that are exposed to less stress are able to retain their technical properties, which has a positive effect on reliability and is a genuine quality feature of the Beckhoff power supplies. Every single device is tested accordingly to rule out early failures (100% inspection).

Wide-range input

Mains voltages that are different worldwide place high demands on power supplies. So that they can be used worldwide without problems, the Beckhoff power supplies are equipped with so-called wide-range inputs. For example, most single-phase power supplies have a large input voltage range of 100…240 V AC for 50…60 Hz.

Extra power

The extra power feature describes the permitted overloading of the power supply.
It is divided into two categories:

  • permanent output power, up to 120%
  • output power for 4 seconds, up to 150%

This is advantageous for loads with a changing power requirement. Dynamic load peaks on the consumers are served and intercepted by the extra power. In addition, motors with high starting currents or consumers with large input capacities can be started.

Precise fuse tripping

The load circuits in the 24 V DC environment are often individually protected with circuit breakers or fuses. If there is a short-circuit in a power circuit, the fuse or circuit breaker needs a certain amount of overcurrent to open in time. These currents are called peak currents. They are available for a few milliseconds and are many times higher than the rated current.

The Beckhoff power supplies from the PS2000 and PS3000 series are able to allow a precise tripping of the fuse with the peak current. In addition, the peak current helps when starting large power-consuming loads such as magnetic coils, pneumatic modules or contactors.

Back EMF

In the course of the application, special loads such as braking motors or inductors can feed a voltage back to the power supply. The Beckhoff power supplies are resistant to these so-called power feedbacks and react without malfunctions. Due to appropriately well-dimensioned output capacitors, the power supply units are particularly suitable for motion applications.